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Harbison Community Association
Harbison Community Association
Harbison Community Association
Swim Lessons


What are Harbison swim Lessons? 
  • Weekday Lesson are 2 weeks long Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu
  • Weekend lesson are 4 consecutive Saturdays
  • Instructor to participant ratio never exceeds 1:6
  • In the event a lesson needs to be rescheduled because of pool closure, Fridays are reserved for makeups
  • Registration refunds may be available 10 or more days before the first day of the session or in the case of a medical emergency
We have something for all age groups or skill levels.

Swim Lessons 2024

Aquatots: 6 months- 3 Years
Development of comfort level and around water with a parent present Strong focus on readiness to swim at a young age Direction provided by the instructor and majority of hands-on interaction coming from the parent

Mini Rays: 4-5 years
Orientation to the aquatic environment Aquatic socialization and comfort breath control and basic arm and leg movement.

Level 1: Intro to Water Skills (ages 5-11)
Supported floating and kicking on front and back Alternating arm and leg action
Water adjustment and breath control

Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills (ages 5-12)
Floating and kicking on front and back combined stroke on front and back

Level 3: Stroke Development (ages 5-11)
Children must be able to swim 10-15 feet on their front and back without assistance. This level builds endurance, reviews/refines stroke skills on front and back

Adult (ages 12+)
Introduce participants to swimming and feeling comfortable in the water. Body position (front & back float), Streamline(controlled glide), and full freestyle and backstrokes will be covered


***We regret to inform you that we have filled all of our swim lesson reservations for 2024. The 2025 schedule will come out in December 2024.


Swim Lessons

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